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Early Dance And Talent Development


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   Fabulous Feet Dance Studio

Brentwood Tap Dance

Class Schedule

OFFERING CLASSES  for all ages and levels Ballet ~ Jazz ~ Lyrical ~ Tap

~Hip Hop ~ Technique Little Stars Combo Ages 2-5 Individual Classes 5 & Up

Fabulous Feet Dance Studio has been based in Brentwood, Ca. since its inception in 1990.  We instruct students in the dance disciplines of tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical and cheerleading.  Our objective is to share our love of dance with children of all ages and abilities, prepare young dancers who wish to enter the professional world of dance, and provide training in proper technique and style to all of our students.  

We believe in creating a sense of achievement, pride and accomplishment in our students, expanding their knowledge and love of dance, while increasing their self confidence and self esteem.  Our program is aimed at teaching proper dance technique, terminology and posture, no matter their age or ability level.   All students participate in our annual dance recital, as well as community events such as parades and holiday shows.

Jazz Dance

Learn Jazz Dance From The Top Coaches In The State !

Brentwood Tap Dancing Awards Brentwood Tap Dance Productions Brentwood Tap Dance Team

Classical Dance / Contemporary Dance

Learn The True Artistry Of  the Dance And How To Express Yourself Through Dance.

Brentwood Tap Dancers Brentwood Jazz Dance

Dance Classes/Cheer

Learn Professional Cheer And tumbling From The Pros.

Tap Dance

Casual To Competition Level Tap Coaching And Choreography

Our competition team, known as the DK Dancers, includes over 50 children ranging in age from 5 to 16 years old.  They represent Fabulous Feet Dance Studio at regional and national dance competitions throughout California and Nevada.  The team has experienced tremendous success this past year, including more than 75 top ten finishes by both groups and soloists.  In addition to the phenomenal success of the team, each year students at our studio are awarded scholarships to train and perform with some of our country's finest dancers and choreographers.

Thank you for your interest in our studio!  

Brentwood Tap Team Dancers Brentwood Dance Friends Brentwood Tap Dance Costumes

Stage Shows And More

We Stage Fully Rehearsed And Professionally Choreographed Shows !

Make New Friends

Meet New People. Our Dancers Become Friends For Life.

Full Performances

We Spare No Expense From Costumes To Props You Always Look Great !

  Brentwood Tap Classes

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